Saturday Reading

How badly does this make you want a donut? Oh snap!
Last night, Rob and I finished Season 1 of Bloodline. Oh man. Did anyone else finish it yet?! I won't spoil it for those that haven't but, I will say that I'm so intrigued by what Season 2 will be like! It's a short weekend for me as I am working tomorrow, however, I will surely make the best of it. Workouts, organization, and relaxation today followed by a nice dinner tonight. What do you all have in store?

Here are my favorite reads of the week - there are a lot of good ones today!

This last-place Boston Marathon finisher is one of the most inspiring humans ever.

Love this map of state foods. I've had 7 on the list. California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington (and I was only in Seattle for 1 night).

I really enjoyed reading Tina and Janae's marathon recaps.

So over the skinny arm, too!

Love this impact of a positive response.

This cauliflower soup looks SO decadent.

Great tips on blogging for business.

This strawberry lattice pie. OMG.

The top 10 happiest countries on earth.

I feel like this question gets asked about microwaves a lot.

Four reasons to keep lifting as you age.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo