Friday Favs

Hey guys! It's FRIDAY! Yesssss. I'm in an excellent mood this morning. I have the day off, the sun is shining, and last night I relived 1998-2005 via a live show put on by Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind. Swoon. Billy, Rachael, Janet, Rob, and I were basically in heaven. So many classic hits and they sounded awesome. Third Eye Blind was my first concert way back in 1999 at the Orpheum Theater with Rachael! Crazy.

Moving on, even though I'm working tomorrow, I have a fun little weekend planned. A relaxing date night with Rob tomorrow and Father's Day Celebrations on Sunday! Until then, I have a little round up of favs for you today. Have a fantastic weekend!

{Sunday Night Sky}

{Empty Gym}

{So many antioxidants}

{Dashboard & 3EB Groupie}

{Be present. Absorb what surrounds you.}