Weekend Sunshine XXII

Heyyyy everyone! Are you still winding down from the excitement (and stress) of the Superbowl? Wheeeewwwwwww that was an extremely stressful 60 minutes and I'm SO HAPPY that the Pats won it. New England has been a wild little place for the past couple of weeks. The excitement for the game and the double-whammy of snow storms has made things QUITE interesting. I'm already over the snow after today's 18 incher. Last week, it was fun and I was ready for it. Today, I actually had a mini meltdown. There is no place to put the white stuff anymore and people are getting mean. My "neighbor" took his snow plow and picked up a giant pile of snow in his driveway and plopped it right in front of my car that I had just shoveled out for two hours. True story. So freaking rude and NOT neighborly. Proof in the pudding below.

Anywayyyy, the bright side is I had two workouts today, right? Ok then. 

Moving on, this weekend was jammmm packed. Friday night, we headed back to Charlestown! Molly planned a surprise dinner for Peter's Bday. It was a whole lot of fun and I didn't take any photos.  WHOOPS! 


Saturday after work, we met up with Mark, Kristen, Lauren, Sean, Em & Dev for dinner in the North End and then an Improv Show. It was sooo much fun and we definitely all let loose a bit. This picture was taken after the show. We NEEDED espresso martins and cannolis, ok? Ok.

On Sunday after work, I didn't have much time to make a ton of food for the game so I whipped up some easy classics. Of course, I had to make my deviled eggs and use my new little deviled egg plate. 

Then, I went with homemade guac, shrimp cocktail, stuffed quahogs, spanikopitas, and mini pizzas at half time. We obviously wanted 'game food', but, also tried to keep it on the healthier side. I think we did a good job with that. Rob and I literally hadn't stopped in days so we decided to stay in and watch the game on my christmas-present-TV that he gave me. At first, we were thinking "should we be out?" and then once the game got rolling and we were screaming and I was jumping up and down on the couch... we realized we made the PERFECT decision to stay in and watch it together. Not only did we have the best seats in the house, we were also able to watch every single play and also every commercial. It was perfect and so was that game. WOW.

Crazy, stressed-out seflie.

That's a wrap, my friends! The rest of the week, I'm hoping for warmer temps or rain to get rid of some of the snow. Unfortunately, it looks like we're getting two more small storms. Mehhhh. Stay warm, everyone! Hope you all have a great week! xo