Friday Favs

Happy Friday! What a week it has been! I'm so thankful to be off on this Good Friday as I am working tomorrow and I have lotsssss to do before Easter on Sunday. I am hosting for the first time so I need to get my tiny condo organized to fit 10-11 adults and 3 children. Send me some warm weather vibes so that the deck can be utilized! Gah! My plan is to organize, clean, and prep one of the appetizers today. Tomorrow after work, I'll start the marinade for the pork, and on Sunday morning - the rest of the food! Luckily, everyone is bringing something so it should all be pretty manageable. I hope you all have super fantastic weekends planned! Here are my sunniest moments of the week - be advised: they contain A LOT of outdoor photos as the weather was actually seasonable for once!

The sunrise on Monday morning was spectacular.


The sunrise on Wednesday morning was also quite beautiful!

A lot of my neighbors in Southie put up decorations for most holidays. I always appreciate the effort and seeing these pastels definitely made me smile.


Yesterday was a balmy 56 degrees and the kite surfers were back at Castle Island. It was a GREAT site to see!

I'm rather chatty, however, I realize the true importance of listening. This quote serves as a nice reminder.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! xo