Weekend Sunshine

Good morning, everyone! I've woken up with a very grateful heart this morning after last night's NBGNO event. More to come on that later, but, it was awesome and a whole lot of fun!

This "weekend sunshine" is a little delayed this week. Between work and last night's event, it was a pretty jam-packed start to the week. The weekend was FULL of activities... from Ptown to Newport to the South Shore! Safe to say it was one of the best summer weekends. Let's get to it... THREE WORDS PER PICTURE! :)

Off to Ptown!

Gorgeous tall ship.

BEST Lobstah Roll.

Yummmm ice cream.

Most incredible ship!

Friday night celebrations...

The guy's gals.

Post workout acai.

Off to Newport!

My beautiful tribe.

My favorite guys.

The best crew!

I love cronuts!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We made it to Wednesday! Whoo!