Weekend Sunshine XXIX

Hayyy everyone! How was your weekend?? First, I'd like to give a huge congratulations to all of those that ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. Year after year, I find myself in awe (and full of emotion) of the runners and their strength and determination. With any race, there are obstacles to overcome - usually personal, sometimes weather-related, sometimes physical. Yesterday, the weather was not in favor of the runners, however, the spirit of the race and the perseverance of the runners won that battle. Rain and a 20-30mph head wind didn't stop them. Congrats and well done!

Secondly, today marks my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary. Needless to say, your commitment to each other and our family knows no bounds. Thank you for being such incredible role models. I am wishing you both 32 more years of health and happiness!

Moving onto weekend sunshine... this weekend was a nice 3-dayer and filled with fun activities. Let's get right to it, shall we?

On Friday, Rob and I grilled for the first time! We had bunless homemade turkey burgers, peppers & onions, and asparagus. (I ordered a little grill stand for my mini grill - it came on Saturday!)

We enjoyed our avocado/egg toast so much last Saturday that I purposely bought sour dough bread to make it on again. Deeeelish!

On Saturday, we ended up having Rae, Tim, Dev, & Janet over for the game. We ended up at Local for some additional beverages. Needless to say, that ended up turning into a fun little night.

On Sunday, after running some errands and taking a serious nap... I decided that I should probably pull myself together and go for a run. I have this to say -- exercise is medicine. I had a bit of the Sunday blues and a mild hangover... I headed out thinking that I'd do 3, maybe 4 miles. I felt good and decided to just keep going, I even did G st (for non-locals - G st is a very, very intense and steep hill). I ended up going 6 miles.  Never underestimate the power of the mind - I felt like a new woman when I was done.

Then, I made easy-peasy fish tacos with a ridiculous spicy mayo that I created. Ready for this? Organic mayo, siracha, dijon. OMGAHD. Plus, homemade sweet potato steak fries. Just delightful.

In typical marathon Monday fashion... we started the day at Andres & Rebecca's for a delectable brunch complete with bagel casserole, fruit salad, lemon-poppy seed bread (omg), mimosas, & coffee! Then, continued on to the sox game, got drenched, drank copious beverages and met Rob and his fam at Jillians for an afternoon of bowling.

This is how I felt about the rain.

... but, as the ever-optimist... we still had a BLAST!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! xo