Weekend Sunshine XXV

Holla and Happpyyyy Monday! For my New England friends: Raise your hand if this the first Monday you've gone to work, school, the store in the past 4 weeks?! Hallelujah - who would ever think we'd be excited to experience a plain old Monday? Anyway, this weekend flew. I worked and we only had one big commitment so it ended up balancing out quite nicely. Also, I don't know about you guys, but, the sunshine that peaked out of the sky with temps at a balmy 37 degrees yesterday, made me smile from ear to ear. Here's are my favs of the weekend:


Kicked off Thursday with Taco night.  Ground organic turkey breast with avo, tomatoes, red peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, lime, and organic cheddar. Delish!

Cold and blinded by the sunlight and not hating it. Squints magee. (yes, those snow banks are way taller than me)

I was off on Friday so I took a TOUGH PWG gym class with Derek so I had to re-fuel properly before heading out the door again. I used the leftovers from taco night to make a little omelet in an organic corn tortilla. It was pretty good.

Early Saturday morning, I put together a quick AMRAP before I headed off to work. 

It worked out pretty well. I used low weight and high reps because I don't have any heavy weights at my house. (wouldn't be fair to the neighbors downstairs to be tossing around heavy weights haha)

Rob and I cooked together on Saturday night before we headed out for Allie's birthday at The Liberty Hotel. It was nice to sit in "his seat" while he made the burgers. They were buffalo meat burgers on a lettuce wrap with Alexia's sweet potato waffle fries. (I burnt the fries - I was so happy sitting with my Prosecco in Rob's seat that I forgot about them... whoops!)
For the burgers we mixed 1lb of meat with:
-1/4 Chopped red onion
-Tbs or so of dijon mustard
-1/2 Tsp of garlic powder
-Salt/pepper to taste
-2 Tbs feta cheese
It makes 3 burgers.

Kristen and me (and Anthony) ha!

After work on Sunday, I used half of the leftover buffalo burger and veggies from Taco night to make little tortilla tacos. Oh, and I managed to not burn the waffle fries....

Question time: LEFTOVERS: Love em or hate em?

Have a great week! xo