Friday Favs 4.24.15

Good morning and HAPPY HAPPY Friday! TGIF! Is it just me or did this short week feel long? I'm so ready for a weekend of relaxation, fun, (and a little bit of work on Sunday). Rob and I have one episode left of Bloodline. It's pretty much the only show that we've watched in completion besides Homeland. We have been watching House of Cards and House of Lies for what seems like forever. I'm not even sure what episode or season we are on - ha! I usually fall asleep and/or blog/read blogs during both and I end up asking a lotttt of questions. Whoops. Anyway, do you guys have any other good show recommendations? I should include the disclaimer that I'm a very picky TV watcher and besides Homeland, I don't like thrillers or anything scary or gory. I know, that cuts out a lot of good ones. Rom-Coms for life! Moving on, here are my favs of the week! Hope your weekend is awesome!

{Fenway Park}

{Boston Strong colored flowers in the pouring rain at the finish line}

{Crazy Castle Island Sky}

{Tacos made with all the leftovers}

{Simple as that.}