15 Minute Meals: Prosciutto & Spiralized Carrot Rolls

Hayyyy friends and welcome to Wednesday! This week is jam packed which makes it fitting to bring another "15 Minute Meal" post to you all. I told you that I would get better at serving these up, so I'm keeping true to my promise! Since getting my spiralizer, I've been making up a bunch of different recipes. I am completely shooting from the hip and going with what I'm inspired by in the moment. For the most part, these creations have been coming out pretty tasty. Rob and I bit into these last week and had two reactions: 1) Whoa, these are really good and 2) Wow, these are surprisingly filling. We both kind of looked at our plates (especially him) and thought we'd need an extra side or snack to go with them, but, we ended up pretty full. (We admittedly noshed on some sweet potato chips & hummus during the preparation process, but, that's a fairly normal occurrence). Plus, can you ever, ever go wrong with Prosciutto? Um, no.

This meal was inspired by 1) Prosciutto 2) Spiralized Rolls I've seen on Instagram 3) The prettiest carrots I ever did see.

Guys... How friggin' gorgeous are these carrots? The colors are just incredible. The beet-colored ones had a yellow center. So pretty. Eat colorful veggies!

Serves 2. Cook time, 5 minutes. Prep time, 10 minutes.

- 6-8 Thin Slices of Prosciutto
- 4-5 Shredded Carrots
- 2 Tbs Tahini 
- 4-6 Tbs of Rice Vinegar
- 4-5 Tbs Feta
- 2-4 Tbs Chopped Almonds or Pecans
- 2-3 Tbs Evoo
- Salt/Pepper to taste

- Spiralize carrots (if you don't have a spiralizer - use either a shredder, the shredder blade on a food processor, or julienne them)
- In a separate bowl mix evoo, tahini, rice vinegar, and salt/pepper to taste
- In a saute pan, mix the 'dressing' with the carrots until they are al dente
- Turn off the heat and lay out slices of prosciutto
- Layer feta, nuts, then carrots
- Wrap and serve!

SO easy!

Remnant carrot from the spiralizer. It looks like a cute little mushroom doesn't it? Oh em gee so freaking cuuuuteeee!

Easy mixture.

Wrap & Roll! (See what I did there, heh heh)

Have an awesome day! xo

QUESTIONS: Do you like carrots? Do you think prosciutto makes everything better? Scale of 1-10, how much do you love/hate feta?