New Balance, Kate Spade, Barry's and more!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday night! Everyone having a good week so far? Tomorrow is FRIDAY - whoo!
Last night, I met up with some of my favorite Boston fit bloggers to break in our new New Balance x Kate Spade Saturday sneakers at a complimentary Barry's Boot Camp classAthena, Caroline, Sarah and I were able to pick a date that we could all attend and I'm so excited that it worked out. 

Can you handle how friggin' cute these sneakers are? And honestly? I LOVE mine so much (the yellow ones). They remind me a little bit of the fresh foams, which, if you follow me on insta - you know that I LIVE in. I'd say these are a bit sturdier than fresh foams so I can use these running whereas the fresh foams I only use at boxing classes.

So, Kate Spade Saturday and New Balance are working together on this very adorable capsule collection, BUT, the good news is that these versions will be available In non- Kate-spade colors long after these sell out. Caroline and I are in the WX711's and Athena is in the WX811's. 

Let's cut over to class and get back to the awesome sneaks in a bit...

This is my lame attempt at taking a photo of us in the mirror - fail. Anyway, guys - the last time I was at Barry's it was HARD, but, this time it was REALLY FRIGGIN' HARD. The last time I went was for a charity event so I'm assuming that they might have taken it a teeny tiny bit easier on us. Last night, no sir, no sireee! We started with a 12 minute TABATA style workout with weights and then 12 mins on the treadmill then repeat, repeat. Wow. It was awesome. I must admit that the treadmill portion was the toughest part for me. Running on a 12 incline? Woof. Running backwards and side shuffling on the treadmill? Ask the gals - that was HILARIOUS. I almost ate it. I held on most of the time during that part - boy that must take some getting used to! The weights portion was tough, but, we do a lot of that stuff at PWG so I was able to hold my own and felt really strong during push-ups, burpees, chest, abs, and back. What felt awful for some reason? Holding a lunge and doing a back row. For some reason, I was shaking and my IT band was really acting up. The back row part was fine though. Weird. Must have been from that damn treadmill.

So, why am I giving you the play by play? First, I really enjoyed Barry's and I want to give a proper description of the class. Second, it's important to keep in mind that you can always push yourself harder and faster. You can always find new exercises that are challenging, no matter what kind of shape you are in. My classes at PWG are still the hardest thing I've done and the first week at PWG was the sorest week of my life, but, Barry's is just as hard, just in a different way. I REALLY liked it. Plus, the staff is incredible. Our instructor, Chad, was so hilarious, I was cackling during a few of the moves which made it so fun!

Back to the sneakers... (Do you guys watch "The Affair"? I feel like I'm writing this blog post the way the show goes back and forth between Alison and Noah. Anyway, if you don't watch it - it's SO GOOD). MOVING ON... So the two versions are a little different. Here's a quick description of both:

811 Inspired by Kinesiology taping techniques and the aesthetic it creates, the 811 provides bonded lightweight, strategically-positioned support for athletes. The versatile shoe can take women from studio and circuit training to cardio workouts without sacrificing style. The full CUSH+ midsole provides lightweight cushioning, and Fantom Tape technology enhances the mesh upper to deliver dynamic support to move with the foot. 

711 The WX711 features Cush+ technology, providing one of the softest midsole foams offered by New Balance designed to comfortably take you through your whole workout, whether in the gym or the studio. But its extra softness doesn’t mean sacrificing durability. Cush+ is responsive, offering extra bounce to help keep you moving. Forefoot flex grooves enhance flexibility, enabling you to move freely, while a minimal upper construction provides a contoured fit.

The 811's are Sooooo stylish and cute. I feel like I would wear them to the gym and definitely out and about in the city. The 711's are still super cute, but, they feel more like a gym shoe than a street shoe. Either way, they can both be worn either way and still look stylish and most importantly - Springy! I love wearing bright yellow shoes -- screw you snow!


Back to the class! Of course, we didn't take a 'before' pic, but, who needs that anyway. Here we all are sweaty, energized and feeling great after class!

These girls are amazing and I feel so lucky to be part of such a great Boston-Fitness-Blogger-Community. They are supportive, fun, and just all around really good people. Also, I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to New Balance, Kate Spade Saturday, and Barry's Boot Camp Boston for making this all happen. You are all the best!

I hope you all have a great Friday and if you want to learn more about the class or the sneakers - just leave a note below or shoot me a message. Happy to share even more detail.