Weekend Sunshine_MKR Wedding Edition!

Hi friends! Apologies for the delayed post this week. After my staycation, I've been quite the busy bee at work and haven't really had a moment until right now. As mentioned on Friday, we headed down to Plymouth for Mark & Kristen's wedding and it was an incredibly fun weekend. If you've been following along on my insta - you could probably tell that the weekend was chock full of smiles and laughs (#meettheriordans). Here it is, the reader's digest version... 3ish words per picture!

Love our bride!

Love Mahky, too!

Cheers to rehearsing.

Post-workout fuel/ cold-brew. (Omg yum. Rob and I woke up and got a workout in prior to the festivities and didn't eat until 11:30am - hanger was prevalent and this was so freaking good. PS: We got the bagels "scooped out" and highly recommend that technique.)

Here comes the beauty!

The happy couple. :)

All the smiles.

Love these gals.

The Hanover boys.

Late night shenanigans.

Mark and Kristen, I am so incredibly happy for you! Your wedding weekend was pure perfection and I'm so grateful for our friendship. Have a blast in Hawaii - can't wait to hit up Barlows when you get back to hear all about it! xo