Saturday Reading.

Good morning and happy weekend! These last few weekends have been rather low key which has been a welcome change to the madness that was most of 2014. As much as this down time can sometimes make me feel a little jiggy - I'm trying my best to embrace it because I know that the rest of the year is going to be jam packed with activities. Today, I'm heading to lunch with Michelle and tomorrow I'm going to swing by work because Shake Shack is grand opening at 11:00am. For the local readers -- you know this is a big deal! Tonight, I'm going to kick back, relax, and soak in the quiet. Here's some light reading to start your weekend.

Inclines are no joke.

They say we should see the ground again by April 3rd. Holding them to that.

This little girl is a genius.

Anyone else participating in Boston Bingo?

There are definitely some great cheap finds at Whole Foods.

I've mentioned my obsession with these blondies, so I'm excited to try these blondies next. 

Carbonara. Now. Please.

Charleston is definitely on my short list.

I mean, duh, right?

Getting fit as a young professional.

Xtina killed it on Fallon.