Friday Favs

Good morning and Happy Friday!!  I have the next couple of Fridays off for working the weekend and I must say it's quite nice. Running errands during the week is a much less stressful task than running errands with the rest of humanity on Saturday. Today, I plan to have a low key day -- clean, gym, errands, relax, and make a nice dinner. This weekend, we have a couple of exciting commitments that I'm really looking forward to. For now, here are my favs of the week!

The prettiest and healthiest bowl of grapefruit sprinkled with antioxidant-rich cinnamon. 

The tiniest heart shaped pancake. ☺️ 

A picturesque sunrise over Castle Island on Wednesday morning. So calm! 

Back to Townsman with my favorite gals last night. 


I feel this way about the best women in my life. Let's be more supportive of other women. 

Have a great weekend! Xo