Hi everyone! How was your weekend?! I hope it was fabulous!

I'm so excited to share another NBGNO recap with you all! As you may know, last week I emceed the event at the New Balance store on Boylston. This event's theme was "Surf Ready" with a major focus on trying something new!

To recap... New Balance brings "NBGNO" to major cities to provide a "happier kind of hour". The events always have a new and exciting workout such as the Surfset workout we did last week; plus, a 3.5-4 mile run on the Charles. Look at all of these awesome women... can you feel the excitement? If you're interested in looking back at past events... see the links below:
Second (Host)
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I greeted the gals as they got situated with Essentia waters and the secret-recipe granola bars. I was so excited to see some old friends from College, new friends from past events, my group of besties that attend most events, and of course my blogger girlfriends that I simply adore.

Then, it was time to workout! The runners took off and the surfers jogged down to the Esplanade.

We were greeted by the bubbly, vivacious, and might I add STRONG, Stefanie Lograsso. Stefanie is a master trainer in Surfset (in case that wasn't completely obvious). Look at her - she's a powerhouse! This workout was admittedly tougher than I thought it would be and I loved it!

I had expected there to be a lot of core work on the surfboards. However, I was not expecting the amount of legs that we did. Squats, lunges, squat jumps, power troopers, 180 squat jumps - I was definitely sore the next day! (Check out Janet and Stephanie in the above pic! Killin' it!)

Athena and I here... hands up!

Then, it was time to run back to the store for more chatting, snacks, cocktails, and mocktails.


Once we had a little sustenance and hydration... I got back on the podium to talk about the workouts that we just completed. For a lot of the girls... Surfset was a new workout. For some, the run was new to them. I wanted to focus my chat on that fact that trying something new can change your path to health. I explained that every single time I tried a new challenge in my life, it changed me and molded me into the person I am today. Teaching group exercise, running half marathons, lifting weights, and of course hitting heavy bags has made me a healthier, fitter, stronger person. I have learned something from each of these experiences. These physical experiences, these challenges that we dive into will TRANSLATE into the other important parts of your life. 

I asked the women around me to provide examples of times that they tried something new and how it changed them. One woman started running and she lost 60 POUNDS. One woman started running and started realizing how much she loved it and how it made her FEEL (happy). One woman tried lifting and realized how STRONG she really is...
These are just a few of the stories. It's pretty powerful.

As the night progressed, we shared stores, snacked some more and caught up on life. It was so NICE TO SEE MICHELLE. Michelle is my College bestie. We taught pretty much every single group exercise class at Bryant. 2.5 hours a day, every day. :) Janet, you may recognize from joining me at most of these events... I have THE BEST friends in the world.

Then, I had time to catch up with these two lovely ladies (Athena on the left and Stephanie on the right). I am so proud to be a part of the Boston Blogger network. These ladies share some of the most real and down to earth information you'll see on the internet. This is a fact.

I actually want to share what Athena posted today on her blog, Fitness & Feta. She wrote a very heartfelt letter to a woman that attended last week's NBGNO. The post titled, "A letter to the girl who said she was too fat to run" is honest and worth reading... no matter what girl you are. As women, we have all had moments (sometimes too many) where we put ourselves down. This needs to stop. Any effort you make to better your health is something that should make you proud. To add to that, maybe try something new... you never know how strong you may be.

I will end with that tonight. These NBGNO events are more than just workouts and socializing. They bring women together. They encourage lifting each other up and being supportive instead of tearing each other down. I hope to see you at the next one. 


*Photo cred: New Balance via https://www.nbgirlsnightout.com/