Fitness Goals at Peter Welch's Gym

So, a little over a year ago, I wrote THIS POST about PETER WELCH'S GYM. Last week, the team at PWG asked their members to share their 'fitness success story' due to practice or training with the team at PWG. I thought about it for a minute and re-read my old post. I talked about how great the gym is and how it's the best workout I've ever had. I told you about how I healed my torn hamstring and PR'd in my half marathon. I also told you that the gym is no-nonsense, everyone is kind and helpful, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. My successes included the aforementioned PR, my speed, my reaction time, my confidence, and the ability to eat way more (YESSSS!).

Well... a year has passed and I have more successes to tell you about. That's right, I've been going to Peter Welch's Gym for almost 3 years and I am STILL making gains. What does that tell you? It tells you that the trainers are constantly keeping classes fresh, they encourage the members to work hard and keep trying new things, and that I'm still having a WHOLE LOTTA fun!

That's me, taking a discreet mirror photo. I don't care that I have been a blogger for close to 4 years - I STILL really struggle with taking anything that resembles a selfie in public!

Moving on... There are a few internal goals I've made with myself in regards to my fitness levels.

1. Stay fast. Goal is complete and ongoing. I still feel fast at class. I am still way faster than I ever have been in my life (even when I ran high school track) and I think I might be faster than I was a year ago when I first realized that I've become a fast runner. I'm not the fastest (let's not get crazy), but, I'm much faster than I ever have been.

2. Do pull-ups! Goal complete and ongoing. I can now do about 3 pull-ups in a row and can do about 6-8 (depending on the day) with breaks. I'd like to be able to do 5 in a row at some point.

3. Deeper squats. Goal complete. My squats were very standard when I first started at PWG. Now, I've pushed myself to drop lower and use more weight. 

4. Improve form. Goal always ongoing. With every class I take, I improve my form. I really listen to the instructors and I pay close attention to what the real fighters do. I DO LISTEN TO YOU GUYS! I don't plan on getting in the ring any time soon (a personal decision that I've actually spent a good amount of time thinking about - no need to share details). That being said, I want to hit the bag correctly and accurately and have the best form possible. I have so much respect for what these fighters do to train and get ready for a fight. They are incredible. If you watch how they move their feet and their bodies - never mind their hands - it's amazing! It's a true science.

5. Use 10lb dumbells for the strength round, not 8's. Goal complete. This one might sound easy, but, we hit the bag and do a crap-ton of push-ups, squat thrusts, and planks prior to the weights round. I can lift much heavier when that's my sole workout, but, in the middle of the class - it's tough! I started lifting heavier weights upstairs and then picked up 10's during a class - it's hard, but, I'm doing it!

6. Get down into a pistol squat. Goal complete!!! I did it a couple of weeks ago. I was able to do these in high school (I thank my gymnastics background for that), but, haven't pushed it since then as I was (mostly) just scared I'd hurt my knee. The other day I just told myself to do it and voila!

7. Do consistent double-unders. Goal Complete and ongoing! Heck yes, yes, yes! These tire me out like crazy, but, I can do them for at least a minute now. My only problem is when we go in for a 2nd or 3rd round of them. My body tires and I mess up and whack myself in the ass (yes it hurts). Anyway, I love doing these! And, if I can give anyone any advice on how to get better at these... it's this: JUST KEEP DOING THEM. Don't be shy to try them with an instructor who doesn't mention them. Just keep practicing. It'll happen!

So that's my latest update - my PWG Fitness Story. I love this gym. It is ever-evolving and constantly challenging. Plus, the members, the staff - they are all so great. It's a truly incredible community.

Here are my goals for the upcoming year:

1. Never tire of double-unders
2. Do consistent pistol squats
3. Five pull-ups in a row
4. Stay fast
5. Keep improving form

Questions for you all! 1. What are your fitness goals in 2015?  2. What is your favorite workout and why does it keep you so motivated?
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

Have a great week! Remember, when shoveling snow - LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS NOT YOUR BACK. Good luck shoveling out! xo

This is my "woof. that was a tough class but, I'm happy!" face.