Yoga with Jenna Hill

A few weeks ago... I won one of the prizes in the Caught in Southie Instagram contest. Sidebar: If you live in Southie and you don't follow "Caught in Southie", you need to get on that... STAT.

Anyway, to my delight... I won a complimentary private Yoga session with Jenna Hill. Jenna teaches all over the city including at The Club by George Foreman and Charlestown Yoga. You can find her full schedule here. In addition to teaching in a class format and private settings; Jenna is one of the co-owners/founders of PopUpAsana. She and Kristin Khederian created this business as a way to make yoga more interesting, social and fun for their attendees. They have events all over the city and beyond and are currently working on the website but in the meantime, check out their facebook and instagram!

As soon as Jenna greeted me... I knew I liked her. She is warm, friendly, and extremely well-versed in yoga. She asked me a bunch of questions regarding my current state of health. She also asked me about past injuries, what I might want to work on, and if there are any exceptionally "tight or cranky" areas that I needed to work out. 

As I moved through my practice, Jenna focused on giving my hamstrings, feet, upper back, and lower back some attention. (Yes, I told her all of those things needed help haha).

Jenna gave me all kinds of new yoga moves that I have never done before... plus some old goodies that I've neglected to do as of late. Every little re-position, adjusted twist and turn made a HUGE difference in the poses and by the time savasana came around... I was feeling GREAT! Plus, see that sunset behind me? So pretty ( and relaxing!)

Jenna hill!

I enjoyed my practice with Jenna so much that it made me REALLY want to get back into Yoga. I put a lot of demands on my body between boxing, running and lifting so I could really use some yoga in my life to balance it all out.

Thank you so much for this session, Jenna - it was amazing!

If you are interested in getting in touch with Jenna.. see links below:
Facebook: Jenna Hill Yoga
Twitter: JennaMHill
Instagram: jenna_m_hill

Have a great Thursday! xo