Snowy Terrain

Hayyy guysss! Just checking in to give you a little scenic update of my experience getting some outdoor "exercise" yesterday after meeting up with Michelle for an awesome lunch date! (Plus, I know a lot of local peeps who are looking for a safe-ish place to train for the Boston Marathon - this could potentially work - *maybe*)

 I had a bit of down time when I got home and jawbone told me I was no where near my step goal (even though I had a KILLER am workout).  So, after I got home from a lengthy, lovely lunch with Michelle, I decided to go for a little walk. I had noticed a few people walking/running on the usually jam-packed sidewalk that lines the beach in Southie and continues into Castle Island. So, I figured it must be ok enough to get at least a little walk in. I dressed warm and headed out! What I found was really quite beautiful. I've run and walked Castle Island about 4 million times and I've NEVER seen it look like this. The sidewalk wasn't plowed completely, but, it was packed down enough to get a walk or a little runski in.

Massive shadow. Haiiii.

It's so crazy how much snow is still on the ground. 

There were actually a good amount of people out and a lot of cute doggies! I did see some runners and I even picked it up a bit myself on the way home - there are definitely some slick areas, but, it's up to you to figure out if it's actually safe enough for a real run. 

I came really close to jumping the fence to look for sea glass.

Frozen ocean bay and frozen Castle Island path. Sigh.

Frozen peninsula. The kite surfers who typically utilize this section of the bay to surf all year long are probably NOT happy campers. 

Doesn't this look like another land? Alaska? Antartica? I don't know, but, I do know it's pretty damn cool.

Let the sun shine on!

Besides the bright sunlight, fresh ocean air, and bit of exercise... probably the coolest part of my walk/jog yesterday was the now hilly terrain that covers the sidewalk/boardwalk AND the scenery. It might be snow-madness, but, it is beautiful. We may have been hit hard this winter, but, Boston is still my favorite city in the world and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Have a lovely Sunday and March, we welcome you with open arms!


For my non-local readers: Here are a few photos from Castle Island when it's not covered in feet of snow. :)