Monday Randoms

Hi friends! You made it through Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was really great. I got to meet Julia (Jenn & Brett's new baby) on Friday morning which was incredible. I was beyond excited that I randomly had the day off and was able to go in and visit the new little family. She's so cute and perfect!

 The rest of the weekend was spent back and forth to the South Shore for beach, chores, Mal's bridal shower, family, and pool time. I did not take one photo from Friday afternoon until Monday evening. Not one. Not even a snap of my food or the sky or the ocean. For that reason, there will be no "weekend sunshine" post this week. This is a wellness blog, right? I can't preach about wellness if I'm glued to my phone every single second of my life. Sometimes, it's really ok to step away from social media, disconnect, and just "be" without documenting everything. Right? Right!

Moving on...
On Sunday nights, Rob and I usually take off on separate runs. This is something we've always done - even before we started dating. Personally, I find it to be the best way to fight "Sunday-night-anxiety" aka "Sunday Scaries". Earlier in the day, I noticed that Tina posted a WOD on her Instagram that looked not only fun but, very doable. Rob and I decided to mix up our Sunday night routine and complete the WOD instead.

We headed down to Marine Park after mapping out a .5 mile beforehand. Here's how it went: 50 squats, 800 meter run, 40 push-ups, 800 meter run, 30 sit-ups, 800 meter run, 15 plank jacks, 800 meter run, 10 pistols, 800 meter run. It was awesome! I'll tell ya... those 800 meter runs will get ya. Medium distance running is hard because the goal is to go as fast as possible. It's not quite a sprint, but, it's definitely not normal running speed. Tough for sure!

The next random thing I have to tell you about is the dinner I threw together tonight! I'm really trying to make a better effort to "live off the land". The fact that I have a Whole Foods just steps from my office makes it FAR TOO EASY to just buy whatever I'm craving or feel like making for dinner every night. It's an expensive and unnecessary habit. Tonight, I knew I had a chicken breast, a chicken sausage, two zucchinis, and an abundant herb garden to play with... here's what I did:

- Organic chicken breast (or whatever protein you have readily available to you)
- 2 Zucchinis
- Handful of Italian flat leaf parsley and basil
- Couple shakes of: Crushed red pepper, salt, evoo, garlic powder, cayenne
- 2 tbs of feta
For the chicken marinade:
Mix together the following:  tbs evoo, tsp mustard, tsp honey, couple shakes of crushed red pepper, sprinkle of salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper
- Grill the marinated protein and set aside
- Add zoodles to a saute pan and heat for 4 minutes with the crushed red/salt/evoo/garlic powder/cayenne then toss in the parsley and basil
- Top with the protein and a little bit of feta
- Plate and serve!

Guys, it was really good. Nice spice and flavor from all the herbs!

That's all I have for tonight! Time for QUESTIONS!
1. Do you ever take a break from you smart phone?
2. Do you every run track workouts or 400, 800 meter runs?
3. Should I post more "off the land" recipes?

Have an EXCELLENT week! xo