Weekend Sunshine_XLVI

Goooood day, my friends! I hope you all had a Thanksgiving weekend filled with laughter, stuffing, wine, TV, lawn sports, pie, and a some movement! My Thanksgiving was truly fantastic. As I mentioned in the previous post - I have so much to be thankful for this year. My mom and I got started cooking on Wednesday with my nieces and nephew. The kids helped me make stuffed mushrooms before realizing that cartoon movies at Nana's house are a little more fun that stuffed mushrooms haha! 

Later that afternoon, I decided to make my (or Martha Stewart's) rosemary butter cookies. There is nothing "fit" about these cookies but they are certainly "fun and flavorful". They are delicate, delicious, and pair perfectly with a glass of chardonnay. My favorite cookie!

Later that evening, my dad came home and the three of us went for a bite and espresso martinis. Not so fit, no. Delicious, yes? (Side note: I only drink espresso martinis with real espresso... anything else just isn't as good, not to mention 100% sugar).

On Thanksgiving morning, I made my famous deviled eggs. I am telling you right now that you cannot go wrong with these eggs. They are a huge hit. Also, follow my instructions on the boil. The shells will peel off with complete ease and the yolks will be the creamiest yellow. See above and below.

I used capers in half the eggs this time... that salty brine is truly delectable. 

The rest of Thanksgiving was awesome. I got in a nice boxing workout in the basement at my parent's house in the morning. After that, we headed to my sister's house and had all the best apps and dinner was of course so, so delicious (mashed potatoes and stuffing, please!). After dinner, we played soccer on the lawn with the kids before dessert. A day filled with all of my favorite things!

Friday morning, it was go-time for me. I work in the shopping center business so as you can imagine... Friday and Saturday were extremely busy days at work. I got to the gym bright and early on Friday morning to squeeze in a workout before all the madness. Sooooo many people there on Friday morning, huh?!???

After work on Saturday, Rob and I got our 8ft tree and made delicious Bourbon Rosemary Fizz beverages.... mmmm.


She's a beaut, eh? My favorite time of year is officially upon us! Yay!

Have an awesome week! xo