Friday Favs (of April)

Hi guys! Today is a great day! It's Friday, it's MAY, I have the day off, and most importantly, Rob and I are getting dinner tonight to celebrate the fact that he is officially done with grad school! Whooooo hoooo! But first, eats, gym, errands, clean and Friday Favs: Best of April!

I hope you all have fun weekends planned... who's watching the fight?!

The snow melted - the beach could breathe!

I hosted Easter. Which reminds me... gotta make some deviled eggs...

Chili Cook Off Championship!

So sunny one day that I laid on the beach and read a book all day.

A couple of seriously relaxing weekend nights. #chippednailsdontcare

Marathon Monday happiness at the Red Sox game.


Be in love with your life.

Hope your weekends are GRAND! XO