Weekend Sunshine XXXI

Spring has arrived! It's arrived! The forecast this week could not be more picture perfect and boy do we Bostonians deserve it for a wild and drastic change. Whoo!
This weekend was pretty perfect. As you may have seen in an Instagram "sneak peek", Rob had his last class of Grad school on Thursday night and we celebrated in style (and surprise) all weekend. I had been planning a CASUAL celebration with close friends and family for a few weeks and it all worked out perfectly. I was a bit nervous because Rob isn't big on surprises, but, he deserves a celebration after all the hard work over the last 3 years - plus, it's a great excuse to get his favorite people in one room. Amiright?! Here's how it all played out. 

First things first, homemade Italian sandwiches with salt 'n vinegar chips for Thursday-night-post-class-dinner!

I had the day off on Friday. The party was planned for that night... Rob knew we were getting dinner and then drinks with friends. What he didn't know is that I tried to keep myself busy all day in anticipation of the evening's surprise festivities. I ran errands, went to PWG to lift, and then went home and took a walk. Southie is so pretty right now. I love K St.

I think I have an EXTRA appreciation for Spring this year after such a long winter.

Dinner was at Legal Harborside - Floor 2. The service, food, atmosphere, and view were all impeccable. We had a truly fantastic dinner. Here's my guy in all his glory!

I've got a secret!

The view. Then, time to go off to the surprise!

We arrived at Barlow's and everyone was there! Rob was happy and didn't kick my butt for throwing him a surprise (whew!) We had so much fun - I'm so proud of this guy :)

On Saturday, I did nothing. On Sunday, however, I went for a nice run and then home to my parent's house to help sand and paint the boat (whoo!). 

Jonathan scared the crap out of me - he totally faked me out and I believed he had a real snake for a solid 25-30 seconds. (it's fake)

Then, I snuggled Stella for a solid 45 minutes. Her leg has been bothering her and I hate to see her limp. :( Look at that tongue! She's such a good doggy.

That about wraps it up. I hope you all had wonderful weekends!!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever thrown a surprise party?
Did you do yard work this weekend?
What was your favorite part of the weekend?