Weekend Sunshine XXVII

Whew. The weekend was a whirlwind and I'm still recovering! I have a lot of fun photos to share so I'll just get right on into it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter, Passover, or Spring! Here are my sunshiniest moments!


After sitting in a thought-provoking, intense, and also pretty fun conference for three days, I got home from work on Thursday night and went for a nice long walk around Castle Island. My legs needed the movement and my brain needed the break to organize all of the info from the last three days. It was somewhat seasonable out, too so it was just lovely.

On Friday, after a long, LONG, day of cleaning and organizing my condo... Rob and I walked over to Moko for sushi and a couple of beverages. It was so nice and relaxing -- the meal was great, too!

On Saturday, I worked, did an aggressive food shop for Easter, and then went to Brendan's surprise 30th birthday party at The Living Room that Mal had been planning for months! She did such a great job and Brendan was really surprised. Recognize these ladies from our Portland Posse trip? #portlandposse2014 (PS: Don't mind the shirt -- I got ready in about 20 minutes and clearly wasn't paying attention to what I was doing)

This is what happens when you tell your boyfriends to take a picture of you.

On Sunday morning, I got up bright and early to start the prep for Easter.

Made and tasted my deviled eggs - you know, just wanted to make sure they were ok....

I finished up, got ready, and everyone started to arrive.

Here's what I served up for appetizers: deviled eggs, charcuterie with prosciutto, salami, manchego cheese, bella vita merlot cheese, cornichons, castelvetrano olives, cranberry/onion/roasted garlic jam (da bomb), and guacamole. My mom made ricotta/pea toasts - so good!

We had bevs and the kids had their Easter Egg Hunt. When we were little, my Nana would hide hershey's foil-wrapped chocolate eggs around her apartment. I channeled my Nan yesterday and hid the same eggs for Ella, Sammy, and Jonathan. I even hid a few under her antique bells... she used to hide them there so it felt special.

We took photos. I wore a summer outfit. White pants before Memorial Day? Yes.

Then, dinner was served. I made a sherry/rosemary pork tenderloin with a honey-mustard-yogurt sauce, nitrate-free bacon wrapped asparagus bunches, arugula salad with shaved parmesan and sliced melon. Stacy made delmonico potatoes. Yummmmmm. The ladies had girl talk in the kitchen while the men watched golf in the living room (perks of a small condo - no place to sit down around a table - they were thrilled)

Brett picked up cannolis and lobster tails from Joseph's Bakery in Southie and Debbie made an insanely good coconut lemon cake. Both were consumed so quickly that I didn't get a nice photo.

That about sums it all up. I am spent so excuse me while I go grill up some leftovers and park my bootie on the couch. I hope you all have a great week!