Asian Zoodle Bowl

Hey guys! How's was your hump day? Mine had some pits and peaks. Pit: Our family dog, Stella, is in the hospital. It's effecting me pretty heavily... I was a mess this morning. I just hope she's ok and not in too much pain. :(
Peak: I have a few! 1.) My car got fixed and the folks at the service shop were super nice. 2.) I found an old iPhone 5 case that I bought over a year ago - it didn't fit my last phone so I held onto it. It has anchors on it - so nautical! 3) I nailed my Asian Zoodle Bowl recipe and was able to eat it outside on my deck (in the warmth).

Sooo, I'm going to provide that recipe to you all tonight. Are you sick of my zoodles and Asian noodle bowls yet? If you are... you can tell me. It's ok, I won't be offended ;)

The main staples I use with most noodles bowls are as follows (I bolded what I used tonight):
-Rice vinegar (a generous couple of pours)
-Low sodium soy sauce (couple of shakes)
-Chopped garlic (1-2 cloves)
-Sesame oil (tbs)
-Coconut oil (tbs)
-Sriracha (couple shakes)
-Organic peanut butter or Tahini Paste (tbs)
-Crushed red pepper (as desired)
-Veggies (lots) (red pepper, broccoli)
-Chicken or Shrimp (as desired)

Saute the veggies and chicken (note: if you use shrimp - wait and throw them in 2 minutes before everything is done) in all of the above. I usually start with the oils, rice vinegar, soy, and garlic. Then, after it cooks down for a bit - add nut butter, crushed red, sriracha and more vinegar/soy, as needed.

Tonight, I used zoodles which brought the whole healthiest level up about 95 notches. Rob actually asked if I mixed both regular noodles and zoodles - I didn't. I'm telling ya - the spiralizer is worth every damn penny. Saute the zoodles for about 2 minutes.

Top the zoodles with the awesomeness and serve!

Soooo goood. You cannot go wrong with noodle or zoodle bowls - you just can't. The flavor combination of the above ingredients is delightful - the vinegar really adds so much flavor. I make these so much because we truly love them. Plus, they are so incredibly healthy. If you need more guidance on the measurements - just shoot me a message. I make them differently every time so it's never really precise!

I hope you all have a great week. xo