Insta-spiration III

Hey guys! Did you look something like this today!? And by today, I mean ALL WEEK?! #ESKIMOSTYLEFORTHEWIN

I just got a City of Boston ALERT that all Boston schools are closed tomorrow as temperatures at the bus stop could feel like -20 below with the wind chill. Jeesh. Stay warm, my friends! In the meantime, here are some things to distract you... Round 3 of Insta-spiration!


We little-ones can be pretty powerful, too you know! This picture is amazing.



Perfect appetizers. 



How does this inspire me might you ask? Well, obviously it inspires me to love Tom Brady more than I already do. Also, it inspires me to make more pancakes. I love pancakes.



These look tasty AND healthy!



Did you read my "happy new year!" post? Quit hating Monday... appreciate what is around you.



I'd like to make rice paper rolls. These look tasty!


Do something you love, every day.


Oh, and watch this clip from Fallon. So friggin funny. I cannot stop laughing - my face hurts. Have a great week! xo