Weekend Sunshine XXXIV (Dennis!)

Heyyyy friendssss! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was filled with friends, laughs and sunshine in Dennis, MA (located in Cape Cod, for you non-locals). This is the second year in a row that my friends and I have booked this perfect little home located just steps from the beach. Once again, our trip did not disappoint. Even with some rain and clouds in the forecast - we played board games, hung out in the hot tub, and enjoyed some peace and quiet. Here's a photo dump from the trip!

The best sight on a Cape road trip.

The best mudslide in the world. Fact.

Running on Chapin Beach with my best Gals. Thanks to Rachael for taking all of these beachie photos during our run!

Backwards running. (Does it look like we could be running forward?)

So. Many. Kite. Surfers.

The three best friends that anyone could have!


The boys came back from a golf tournament that included multiple beverages and came back to play lawn games.

As we were leaving for dinner on Saturday night, I saw the most gorgeous sunset so Rachael and I SPRINTED down the path to the beach to take pics. (Rae and I are kinda obsessed with the beach. No shame in it.)


Told ya.


Perfect weather Sunday.

#FFF_Travels. Where to next?