Bits & Bites

Heyyy everyone! How about this seasonal weather?! Pretty amazing how warm it feels, right? Luckily, I had a decent amount of outdoor "to-dos" to take care of at work today so it could not have worked out more perfectly. I made sure to take it all in with a few deep breaths to really absorb it all. Then, I noticed $2 bunches of daffodils at Whole Foods (Yeah!!) so I picked some up to brighten my condo and share with my neighbors. It's been a long winter - time to spread a little sunshine and light!

Moving on, it's time for another edition of "Bits & Bites"! This one mostly consists of lunches and quick dinners. Nothing fancy here - just straight up easy. 

Random lunch. I have to say that the rice cake/hummus/avo combo was surprisingly delicious. I will definitely start making this more often.

Dinner: Leftover chicken thighs with tomatoes and spinach in a organic corn tortilla.

Beef tacos with guac, veggies, and jalapenos! Can you even go wrong with tacos? Also, we always use organic corn shells and we don't use sour cream or much cheese at all when we make our tacos so that are actually quite healthy. 

I forget what I paired these with, but, man they are awesome. Crunchy faux fried green beans.

Dinner: quick gluten-free fish sticks, roasted sweet potato, and arugula salad.

Whole foods lunch: kale, shredded beats, chicken salad, and a lot of lemon juice drizzled on top. Let's be serious - the chicken salad MADE this work.

Lunch: Raspberries and Whole Foods "Mom's Chicken Soup". Give me allll the berries.

Dinner: Arugula, sweet potato noodles, feta, and grilled shrimp. I made a tastier version a couple weeks ago that you can see on my instagram. It included brown butter and sage, I think that's all I have to say.

Lunch: blackberries, Whole Foods "Dad's chicken soup", and skinny pop. (I thought I'd like the "Dad's Chicken Soup" better than the "Mom's Chicken Soup" due to the ingredient list. I must say that the "Mom's" was much better. Makes sense considering they have two pots full of it available for lunch

Lunch: Mango/Salmon/Lettuce/spring rolls.

Weekend breakfast: Gluten-free buckwheat berry pancakes and cara cara oranges. (This is actually Rob's plate - I put almond butter under the berry compote and didn't add syrup.)

QUESTION: What do you bring for lunch? I'd love some additional options. I like healthy, fast, light, and protein rich. 

Have an awesome Wednesday! xo