Weekend Sunshine XXVII

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic and also felt very short. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures this weekend, however, I did do a good job of catching up with my closest friends and probably consuming a little bit too much Prosecco on Saturday night. Whoopsie! Sometimes that happens. Anyway, here are some of the sunshiney-est moments. Hope you had a great one and were able to spend some time outdoors. :)


On Thursday night, I met Rebecca at her new (awesome) digs and then we headed to the newly opened, Townsman. If you saw my instagram post earlier in the week - you might have noticed I said "more to come on this". Well, I'm beyond excited and proud to announce that Rebecca has just launched her blog! justbee.squarespace.com. Rebecca is one of my nearest and dearest friends. She is a fashionista and a baker - her blog will be full of baked goods and fashionable finds - how can you even resist that? Gah! I'm so excited for her!

This is my post-workout sweaty selfie I took after PWG on Saturday morning. I am grinning ear to ear because a) the workout was great and b) it was SO sunny!

Before I left for the gym, Rob asked if I wanted to get American Provisions for lunch. I mean, he really had to twist my arm (joke). This is the La Campania with Prosciutto, Rob always gets the Italian. We like what we like and they are both delectable. 

Not one photo was taken on Saturday night. Not one. That being said, we had THE BEST game night at Billy and Kim's new house. Their new house is so beautiful and I'm beyond happy for them. Plus, Juliet was awake when we arrived so we got to hang out with her for a little bit. She showed us how she plays hide-and-seek - it was pretty awesome. Rachael, Chris, Billy, Kim, Rob and I talked for hours before we even started playing games. It was SO NICE to catch up. So nice that I think I didn't realize how much Prosecco was being consumed. Anyway, as I was laying on the couch on Sunday I took this photo. I opened one window in the front and one window in the back of my place to get a nice breeze. It was 39 degrees, but, it was necessary to get some fresh air. It's been SO long!

Later that night, I wanted something hearty and healthy. I put together this noodle bowl (more meat/veg than noodle). It was scrumptious. 
- 1lb ground turkey
-Cup of veggies (I had green beans and broccoli in my freezer)
- A few healthy pours of rice vinegar
- 2 cloves garlic, chopped
- 1/4 yellow onion, chopped
- Tsp of red thai chili paste
- Crushed red pepper to taste
- Few shakes of soy sauce (probably a couple tbs)
- Few shakes of sesame oil (probably a couple tbs)
- Evoo, as needed
- Put couple tsp of olive oil in pan and add garlic and onion
- Add turkey to pan and a couple of ours of rice vinegar
- Add the rest of the ingredients and keep working it
-Keep adding vinegar/sesame oil/soy sauce/crushed red pepper as need.
- Add the cooked noodles and serve!

That's about it. Hope you all have a GREAT week! xo