Soul Cycle Review

Hey guys! So I completely forgot to tell you about my Soul Cycle experience two weeks ago! I was invited by a friend of mine through work and I (obviously) jumped at the opportunity. 

A lot of the New York bloggers that I follow rave about this place so I was excited to see what all the fuss is about. The studio is located in a small, high-end shopping plaza with ample parking. The studio was smaller than I thought it would be but, there was a lot of motivational messaging on the walls which I thought was pretty cool.

The merchandise mix was also pretty neat... check out all that stuff. I especially like the tanks!

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Rule Is: No cell phones in the room. Great rule. For someone who never spins (raises hand), I sometimes get a little intimidated by the fancy bike shoes, clips, and close-knit bike setup. That being said, as soon as the music is pumping and we got going... I was into it. It was more of a dance party on a bike than a tough workout though.

I certainly enjoyed the class... I've taken something similar at The Handle Bar in Southie which I also really liked! The music was really fun and I enjoyed the flow of the class. I was also a bit distracted because that foot problem I mentioned a couple weeks ago... started acting up so I think it may have affected my experience.

All in all... it was a great workout. Although, if I'm being honest... I'm just not a spinner. I really prefer HIIT workouts, intervals, etc where my body is really challenged in multiple ways... from throwing myself to the floor in a burpee, hitting a heavy bag, or tossing around sand bags or weights. You all know that Peter Welch's Gym is my absolute favorite and I have a membership. I've taken some great classes lately and here's my rank so far...
1. Peter Welch's Gym, South Boston
2. BFX Studio, Back Bay
3. Barry's Boot Camp, Downtown (could probably interchange Barry's and BFX based on the day)
4. The Handle Bar, South Boston
5. Soul Cycle, Chestnut Hill
(I also REALLY enjoyed FlyBarre but I didn't include it in this list because it's a completely different type of energy. I loved it though)

If you ARE someone that spins... I would recommend Soul Cycle because it was A LOT of fun and the messaging was so powerful.
Time for Questions!
What new classes have you tried lately?
What is your favorite class?
Do you like to spin?