Weekly Bites #17

Oh haaayyyy guysssss! I didn't fall off the face of the earth... I just decided to plan most of my wedding in two week's time. Lol. I keep joking that this must be what happens when a Marketing Director plans a wedding. When I plan events at work, we take care of the big components first and then all of the details a bit later. I was on auto-pilot, can't help it. Whoopsie!

Anyway, clearly I'm so excited and find all of this planning stuff VERY fun. That being said, it's nice to be back to somewhat of a normal routine again this week. And, I did manage to take some food pics over the last few weeks so I'm bringing it back with Weekly Bites! Since my schedule was a little cray, my meals probably look a bit different. Let's get to it!

Dinner (was sick at the time): Bone broth with chicken, spinach, and rice noodles.

Morning after engagement = glazed donut to the face. THE BEST.

I hosted Easter again this year and would usually have a whole post dedicated to that but, I didn't take many pictures this year. These are the leftovers... my pork tenderloin, asparagus bunch, and the delmonico potatoes that my sister made. Yum!

Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad at b.good. I've mentioned this salad before because it's SUPER light compared to most caesar salads. 

Lunch: Brown rice avocado/salmon sushi from Whole Foods. (ah, clearly didn't food prep the last two weeks)

Lunch: This is the kale and brussels sprout salad from b.good. It was REALLY good. The acorn squash really made it delectable.

Dinner: Game-changer salmon with roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus.

PSA: Via foodler, you can get delivery from Regina Pizzeria out of the North End into Southie. HAND CLAP! We got the cheese and an antipasto.

Dinner: This didn't photograph well, but, zoodles with chicken sausage and pesto. I made the pesto last summer with all the extra basil I had from my garden. I froze it and simply had to defrost it and heat it up to make this :)

Well that about wraps it up... I should be back to a more regular blog posting schedule now that things have cooled off a bit. Have an awesome week! xo