Tuesday Takeover... SNAPCHAT!

The one social medium that I held out on the longest... SNAPCHAT! While I am an early adopter for most social mediums and am pretty advanced in all of them; I never planned to add snapchat to my repertoire. As a Marketing Director by day and a Blogger by night, social media can easily start to takeover my life in a way that I don't personally think is healthy. There's a reason that "Weekend Sunshine" and "Friday Favs" sometimes take a back seat to my other blogposts. "Being Present" is something that I work on and and try to be more mindful of now that we have so many social media machines at our fingertips. Right now, I'm sitting in a chair in my living room with my work phone on my left, my personal phone on my right, and my MacBook Air on my lap. Yikes! Overkill? Yes. Necessary? Kind of, yeah. Remember, Marketing Director by day and Blogger by night. It's a part of the job.

About six months ago, I decided to download the snapchat app. For one, multiple businesses are starting to use it for promotion and with the amount of events I run at Legacy Place; it could add a fun dynamic to our marketing plan. So, I figured I needed to learn how to use it. The other reason, a lot of big time bloggers have been raving about it so I sighed, and hit "download".

Here's what I quickly came to realize: Wow, I really like this app. Why? It's actually NOT time consuming. Here's why:
1. Unlike Instagram, my photos don't have to be manicured. There's some pressure on us bloggers and marketing folks to make sure all photos are well-lit, clever, and beautiful. While some of you might think this sounds really stupid (because it is), it's a reality that Marketers have to live with. Our accounts won't get recognized if they aren't aesthetically pleasing. There's a reason most companies now have one person dedicated to social. It's a full-time freaking job.
2. If I don't have time to write a blog post, I can snapchat from my little Southie kitchen and provide step-by-step recipes without spending an hour of my night writing a post. (high-five!)
3. It's fun to share the random, silly stuff and I really like seeing that on other accounts, as well. This is kind of like "weekend sunshine" without all the editing!

So, that all being said....(this post got more involved than I had planned!), my friend and blogger extraordinaire Athena from Fitness & Feta and I will be swapping accounts on Tuesday! We thought it would be fun to share our little health, fitness, and randomness with eachother's followers. She'll be using my account (FUNFITFLAVOR) and I'll be using hers (FITNESSANDFETA). So add us now to keep up with all the fun stuff. Hint: the recipe stuff is the most fun. Usually we post things that are QUICK and HEALTHY. So, enjoy!

I'd love to know, do you use snapchat?
What are your thoughts on this medium?

Have a great day! xo