Seaport Sweat (More FREE Fitness!)

Hi friends! Where did July go? Yikes... 

I can tell you that part of my July went to planning, if I must say, a pretty fantastic free fitness series "Seaport Sweat" that will take place in the Seaport District from now until the end of October!

I'm pretty pumped about this event series for a few reasons. For one, I love offering the community a way to get outside and get moving at absolutely no cost. Second, the instructors/bloggers that I call my friends are the cream of the crop and the fact that they are teaching these classes on a weekly basis through October, is a GIFT to the community. Third, I get to participate, meet amazing people, and have another opportunity to get outside with new and old friends... a healthier way to socialize!

Athena and Monique kicked off the series on Monday. We even have a live DJ at almost all of the events!

Yesterday, Chris brought out the fighter in everyone and tonight... Eliza and her Kick It crew will be bringing the heat!

The full event schedule can be found HERE. The events take place on Seaport Green (next to District Hall/Gather)/85 Northern Ave.

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Rise n’ Shine LUNA Bootcamp & Yoga Event

Hi friends! For those of you getting back into the swing of things today... Welcome Back! I hope you all had a great weekend. If all of the celebrations were a tad indulgent, remember... that's ok! Don't beat yourself up about it, drinks lots of water, eat your veggies, and get in a few sweat sessions this week. You'll be feeling back in business in no time. Speaking of eating well and moving... I have a fun recap for you today!

Last weekend, I was invited to attend the Luna Bar Rise n' Shine LUNA Bootcamp & Yoga event. They were celebrating the launch of their new Berry Greek Yogurt Bars. (What a fun way to do it!)

I've always been of a fan of LUNA bars. LUNA is a brand of products built for women, designed to empower and encourage women to reach their goals. As a brand, LUNA has been championing women for over 15 years. They put on programs in areas where historically, women have been under-represented such as filmmakers, athletes and entrepreneurs -- which I think is pretty cool.

The Berry Greek Yogurt bar is definitely one of my favorites. For one, it tastes amazing so I like to enjoy it as an afternoon treat or after an exceptionally sweaty workout. The other reason I like it so much is that it has 70% organic ingredients and is fortified with calcium, iron, folic acid, and Vitamin D. Interestingly enough, these are all vitamins and minerals that I take an extra supplement for on a daily basis because I don't get enough of them in my own diet. And of course, it's high in protein, low glycemic, and gluten free. 

Bringing it back to the event... LUNA partnered with Beantown Bootcamp and PopUpAsana Yoga to get everyone moving and sweating to start their weekend. I had a time commitment on Saturday so I was only able to stay for the Boot Camp portion of the event, but, it was awesome!

We checked in at the registration tent and were sampling the new Berry Greek Yogurt bars along with Aqua Hydrate waters, and some other products from the Clif/LUNA line.

The boot camp had about 10 or so stations including ladders, burpees, kettle bell swings, bear crawls, squats, hurdles and more. And yes, I modified where needed due to my neck injury. What was great was that I still got in a GREAT workout even though I wasn't able to do a few of those things. I did get plenty of squats in though as a modification :)

LUNA really spoiled us "influencers"! We had a VIP tent and I went home with A LOT of LUNA bars, Clif Bar products, waters, and more. I've been enjoying them for over a week now - win!

After I left... the Yoga portion of the event carried on and from the pics... it looked super relaxing. It was a really gorgeous morning so I'm sure it was fantastic. Plus, the team from PopUpAsana are awesome people!

On my way out, I treated myself to a Mochaccino from Espresso Dave's pop-up cart. It was delicious!

Thank you Luna Bar for an incredible morning! xo

*This is a sponsored post by LUNA Bar, however, as always the opinions shared are my own.

Friday Favs

Good morning friends! Is it just me or does everyone seem a little happier, friendlier, and generally more excited about life during the week leading up to 4th of July? I tend to notice these things at grocery stores the most. Paying attention to how customers treat employees and vice versa can reveal a lot. Yesterday, I noticed a general happiness as I checked out of Whole Foods with a cart full of weekend essentials including but not limited to cans of Prosecco, cheese, and apple pie. Customers were extra nice! I've said this before, but, July is pretty much my favorite month. The heat, long days, and frequent trips to the beach can take credit for that.

This weekend, our plans consist of meeting up with Lauren and Chris in what will be a long overdue double date followed by days on the beach. I consider that a perfect plan. I hope whatever you have planned this weekend it's filled with laughter, kindness, ocean air, cheese & crackers, family & friends, and as always... a little movement!

Here are my favs of the week!

The Luna Bar Rise 'N" Shine Boot Camp & Yoga Event.

Catching up with the girls at Committee this week!

Free Fitness Thursdays at Legacy. Athena taught on Thursday and it was awesome!

Sunset in Southie at a red light.

Fact. Let your sparkle shine bright!

Have a safe and happy 4th, my friends! xo