Faux Fried Buffalo Chicken

I love boneless buffalo wings. This recipe for boneless buffalo chicken is perfection And, it's baked!

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Beat egg with a small amount (tsp or two) of Cindy's Boneless Buffalo Wing sauce. This sauce is amazing. I have been searching high and low for buffalo wing sauce that doesn't have preservatives in it. The closest to this is Frank's original hot sauce. Frank's has a great flavor and no preservatives, but, this is 'buffalo' and its flavor is spot on. Frank's 'buffalo' sauce has preservatives (no bueno).

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Dip chicken in egg mixture and then dunk in panko bread crumbs.

Try to go with organic chicken and eggs. Otherwise, you are likely eating GMO, preservatives, & who knows what else. (I added some crushed red pepper to the crumbs for an extra kick) TIP: Usually this process calls for flouring the chicken first, I don't see the need. They come out perfectly without the extra breading.

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Arrange on a greased baking sheet. I cover a baking sheet in foil and spray with extra virgin o/o.  If the chicken is a little frozen (mine was). Bake on 375 for 8 minutes, turn chicken, then put back in for another 6 minutes. If chicken is not frozen, take that down by two minutes. (check it though!)

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Toss the nuggets in Cindy's Buffalo Wing sauce. (I do it right in the foil) Top a healthy salad and enjoy. TIP: Blue cheese dressing can be high in fat and calories. Fat free dressing, though, is not an option. It's filled with sugar and preservatives. Instead, mix the full fat version with white vinegar so that it thins out. You won't have to use as much. OR, you can buy a yogurt version, just watch the ingredients.

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Happy Thursday! xo