Lace Up 365 at The Handle Bar, Southie

Last week, New Balance gave me another awesome opportunity to work out with breast cancer survivors, local health & fitness bloggers, and local media representatives (guys, recognize any of these ladies ;)?) 

As mentioned in my last post about the Lace Up 365 event at Barry's Boot Camp Boston, New Balance and the Susan G. Komen foundation are commemorating their 25 year partnership by launching the #LaceUP365 program. Every day, a breast cancer survivor will be featured on their web page allowing YOU to dedicate your workout to a survivor. All you need to do is use the hash tag #LaceUp365 on facebook, twitter, and/or instagram to spread the word that October can last all year long! 

That's it, it's THAT EASY! 

(And, these stories are incredibly inspirational)

It was so fun working out with all of these amazing women at The Handle Bar in Southie. I made some new friends and it put me in the best mood for the rest of the week. The workout was tough, but also, really, really fun! The music that Jess played was high energy... I felt like I was at a club and my bike was the dance floor (I mean, kind of, but pretty close). By the end, we were all covered in sweat and feeling really good!

The survivors at this event are friends. One was diagnosed 5 years ago, the other 4 years ago. One (on the right, bright pink short sleeve shirt) is a competitive runner... she ran a race before every single chemo treatment. Her friend (back right, in the peach shirt with the sleeves rolled up) developed a cream for radiation burns and they started running together around a lake in their town. Driven, strong, motivated women... survivors!

They both rocked this workout!

I can honestly say that the last two weeks have been very special to me for so many reasons. First, to be surrounded by so many inspirational women has been incredibly motivating. Second, to work with new, growing fitness studios and meet their owners, has also been motivating. I love to see that Boston has so many great places to work out - there is really something for everyone.

I hope to see more #LaceUp365 hash tags around the twittersphere in the near future. Have an awesome week, guys! xo

(disclaimer - I was not paid to write this post, but, I was provided with this awesome gear from New Balance (which is honestly so comfortable). All opinions and reviews are my own :)