Every day health tips part 2

Last August, I posted "7 Quick, Everyday, Easy Health Tips".  I promised I would make it a series. That was my last post of 2012. Whooops! You all know I'm officially back now and I am one to keep my promises so here is PART TWO!


1. Get up, stand up.  So, you've probably heard me preach about standing during the day.  I've been doing this for about two years now. At my former job, I decoupaged a box and put my keyboard on it. At my current job, I ordered these simple monitor risers.  There are now five of us that stand in our office.  There are multiple studies that prove sitting during the day is extremely hazardous to your health. (read rockcenter story here, nbcnews here, womens health here, huffington post here)... have I convinced you yet? These studies all confirm that sitting all day is basically killing us.  You won't look like an idiot if you stand, you'll look smart. And, your energy will be increased, you'll be less fatigued, and you'll burn more calories!  If you can't stand... then make sure you're moving, tapping your leg, etc.

2. Water & Healthy Snacks. Another thing you'll notice in these pictures is my nalgene, green apple, and almonds.  In my last post I said "always eat healthy at work".  This just adds to that. Drink plenty of water and have only healthy snacks available. Green apples are loaded with antioxidants and are filling.  Almonds have healthy fats to keep you sharp and are also filling.

(not my best look today, I blame the freezing weather... big thanks to Krista, fellow blogger, stander, and work-wife for the pics!)


3. A Balanced Breakfast.  I talk about "balance" a lot. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  I aim for all of my meals to be balanced carb/protein/fats, but, breakfast is where it's most crucial. Below you'll see fruits and rye toast for my carbs, cottage cheese and almond butter for protein, and almond butter for healthy fats.  Delicious, filling, and kept me full until lunch.


4. Stop the Glorification of Busy. It speaks for itself, but really, we are all BUSY. We all have our things. Stop talking about it and start making time for those you love, listen when people speak to you, take care of yourself, get some rest, and slow.... down.....

glorifcation of busy.jpg

5. Make Fitness Goals. Last year when I tore my hamstring. I found a few images on pinterest of moves I wanted to be able to do once I was healed. Well guess what? This isn't me in the pic but I can do this again.  Constantly having a fitness goal will keep your mind and your body challenged and fit. (BTW I know I haven't posted a lot of workouts lately, I promise they are coming back... stay tuned :)

fitness goals.jpg

Have a wonderful week, my friends! xo.