Bikini Beach Prep Part 1

Summer seems to be taking a while to get here this year, but, before you know it, it'll be beach time! Are you ready?

Now... I feel the need to preface this post by saying... if you live a healthy lifestyle, you should always be ready for bikini season. That being said, there are tips & tricks I follow in the month or so leading up to summer to really ensure I feel as confident as possible before I throw on my bikini. I'll make this a series as we progress into Summer, we'll start with three.

#1 Get Yo Lift On!

Cardio will keep you trim, your endurance in check, and overall pretty dang healthy.  Lifting provides better muscle definition and longer lasting fat burn. I like body weight exercises.

My Key Moves:

1. Squats with overhead press

2. Ab criss-cross (aka 'the bicycle) this move works your entire abdominal including your obliques!

3. Push ups

4. Lunges

5. Supermans (Lay on your stomach and lift both arms and legs up) works back and glutes

6. Butt bridge curls

blog exercise.jpg

#2. Watch the Sugar Intake

I always say... it's easy to maintain weight, it's just tough to lose it. If you know me, you know that I usually have some sort of dessert after dinner (and sometimes a couple dark chocolate hershey kisses after lunch).  When I'm getting ready for beach season, I cut out these "extras" during the week. I usually add it back in once I'm at the weight or "look" I like.


#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink your water. I don't think I need to list of all of the health benefits that you already know. Just remember, it keeps your muscles hydrated, your appetite satiated, and metabolism moving.

water bottle.jpg

I'll continue to post tips as we move into Summer.  Most importantly, exercise, eat healthy, and be CONFIDENT. You'll radiate. Have an awesome week!