Sunday Food Prep

Hey guys - happy Sunday! Nice to see the Pats got their act together today, huh? We did not need another repeat of last week! Whoo!

Anyway, I'm checking in because this evening I took the advice of many of my blogger friends and did a 'mini' Sunday food prep. I say 'mini' because a lot of my food staples need to be prepared at the time of consumption; avocados, tomatoes, etc (at least, I like them that way). So, I mainly prepared food to bring to lunch and some protein options for dinner. I've been taking advantage of the Whole Foods salad bar WAYYYY too often lately which is not cost-effective, so I need to get back in the habit of bringing my own lunch. This should help!

So the prep was pretty simple. First, I boiled some eggs so that I can just pop them into my lunch bag before I head out in the morning. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, choline, and B vitamins (eat the yolks, people!). 

Next, I washed, dried and cut the ends off of green beans. I like to eat a vegetable for lunch at work and sometimes I'm not in the mood for salad so these serve as a great accompaniment to hard boiled eggs and a piece of fruit.

I love chicken salad, but, I like to make it myself so that I can control what goes into it. Today, I baked 4 breasts of chicken. 2 1/2 went into this chicken salad with 3/4 of a chopped apple, chopped pecans and cashews, thyme from my garden, 2 tbs of organic mayo, and a couple tsps of dijon mustard, salt/pepper to taste. This will be great on a salad or on an open face sandwich or small organic tortilla wrap.

And so, I made myself dinner. haha.

Then, I cut the rest of the chicken into strips and tossed it in my fav Cindy's buffalo sauce.

Again, love these on a salad or even just plated up with a veg and a protein.

So, that wraps up my food prep. I do actually enjoy putting together a fresh meal for dinner most nights of the week so I didn't want to prep everything. Plus, who knows what I will be in the mood for?! But, this will really help me with my lunches at work and also provide the staple for different dinners this week. I'll share what I put together with this stuff at the end of the week.

How do you prepare for the week on Sundays??

Have a great one! xo