Friday Favs_3.21.14

Yay Friday! I can't believe I only have one week left at C&E. This week seriously flew and was filled with fun activities. Dinner at Arika's on Tuesday night with Becca. Going away party last night with the gal pals from work for Natasha. And finally, March Madness is in full swing and I'm really into it since I have a bracket and picked a lot of upsets which, so far, is a good decision! 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend planned - enjoy!

Here's this week's favs.


So, I went for a run on Tuesday night. I went because it LOOKED like SPRING and it's starting to SMELL like SPRING, but, it was 20-something degrees and I was frozen. Such an odd feeling. That being said - I did take this photo from Castle Island. It LOOKS warm, doesn't it?

Later that night... Arika had Rebecca and me over for dinner. It was so lovely! She had just visited her dad in Idaho and brought home Elk steaks which were SO DELISH. She also prepared a delectable little salad and broiled asparagus. We went through a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle of red wine. Perfect little evening. (and her place is adorable!)

This article from Women's Health scared me. It will make you think twice about getting an antibiotic.

Every since my dinner with Rae & Becca last week at Blue Dragon, I've been making Asian Noodle Dishes. Total experiments because I'm not using any recipes, but, I must say... I've kind of nailed them. I'll be posting a couple soon so stay tuned.

Rachael sent me this article last night regarding heart disease & eating fats. Seriously good read and gives even more weight to my favorite saying: Stop eating processed shit. That being said, I'd tread lightly before adding in loads of saturated fats into your diet. Atkins-diet-living is not healthy. Moderation is always key. Just stay away from trans-fat, low-fat, fat-free bullshit. If high cholesterol runs in the family or you're already a victim... bacon and cheeseburgers will NOT help the situation. Just like SUGAR is not a good idea.... which is essentially what this article is about.

And finally... this is always a gentle reminder that if you work hard... good things happen
Have a fun weekend! xo