No Excuses, Boston!

So, we know that HERCULES HERCULES has taken over the midwest and northeast, leaving us in blankets of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. I know it's easy to sit back and get really lazy on days like today, but, it's important to still keep up with an exercise routine. First and foremost, your health, duh. Keep your lungs and your most important muscle (your heart) strong. Next, studies prove that exercise helps significantly reduce the effects of seasonal depression. And finally, be fit all year long... there's no need to panic in April when bikini season is a month away. Be prepared now!

So, I have some REALLY GOOD NEWS for my friends in Boston, especially runners. For the 5th consecutive year, New Balance has renewed its partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and pledged to remove the snow from a 17+ mile path along the Charles River, spanning from the Museum of Science area in Cambridge to the Galen Street Bridge in Watertown. Following DCR’s normal priorities, the snow removal will be performed by the DCR within 24 hours of the completion of each storm. Be careful though, since the path runs along the river, their use of salt and sand will be limited.

 In addition to that, they will have 6 Saturday morning events where they will showcase new products, put up inspirational banners, and have giveaways! 

nb snow charles.jpg

Next, so I know... it might be too cold to run right now and your gym might be closed during snow emergency. What to do? Living room workouts. You don't even need weights or a mat. Try something like this:

- 20 Jumping Jacks

- 20 Squat Thrusts

- 20 Squats

- 20 Sit Ups

- 20 Lunges

- 20 Mountain Climbers

- 20 Squats again

- 1 minute plank hold


Or, if you have some free weights... check out this Living Room Workout I posted over a year ago:

Living Room Lift 

Last but not least, go outside and play in the snow. Help your neighbors shovel (bend at the knees, people).  Put your boots on and walk to the store. Just get moving and be careful! Below is me during Nemo last year. Janet and I borrowed snow shoes from some of her friends.

photo (11).JPG

Have a great weekend! Stay warm, my friends! xo