"Strength is Beauty" NBGNO Recap

Last week, I got together with about 100 of my girlfriends and had the best girl's night out ever. During that same time, there were about 5,000 other women (give or take) across the country doing the same exact thing. It was aptly called "Strength Nation".

This was the biggest New Balance Girl's Night Out (NBGNO) ever and man, could you feel the energy. Fifty cities across the nation held girl's night out events and we could feel THAT power right here in Boston. It was truly incredible.

As it typically goes... the group split off into two groups... runners and strength conditioning in Copley Square.

These runners look incredible. This picture is kind of perfect haha.

I'm sure it was a blast! I always really like the run, but, this time I did the strength workout lead by our fearless leader, Paula Fonseca.

Paula WORKED US, as expected. We used bands for the strength piece and then she threw in her own plyo moves that really got things burning (and sweaty).

Paula - you are NO JOKE!

Carrie and I had some fun doing partner moves on the stage. I'm laughing because my feet were so close to the edge that I was fairly certain they would miss the edge and face plant into the platform. Luckily I didn't, but my form did suffer... lol.

We got back to the New Balance store and had delicious appetizers, juices from Thirst, and some cocktails. After everyone got settled, I took to my emcee duties and had a conversation with the gals about what "Strength is Beauty" means to me.

I really focused on two major buckets: 1) The mental/emotional piece. Essentially the strength that we put forth in the gym, on the pavement, in the pool makes it easier for us to find that strength when we are faced with life's challenges. Knowing that we can overcome physical obstacles helps us overcome the emotional challenges that life throws at us. 
2) The physical piece. Here, I mean it's not about being "skinny", or "curvy", or "too muscular". It's about focusing on the strength we gain from making accomplishments and reaching goals. When you look in the mirror and see those muscular arms and strong quads, it's not about having "big arms" and a "non-existent thigh gap". It's about the fact that you can do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, run races, lift grocery bags, climb stairs. My point to everyone was, stop looking in the mirror and tearing apart your bodies when actually, your body is so strong and it does so much for you.

Strength gives us confidence and confidence = beauty.

I asked the room to tell the group about an example of recent "Strength is Beauty" experience. One girl had just undergone major surgery and she recovered faster because she lifts and she is strong. Her doctors were impressed with how quickly she recovered. Another girl, just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Do you know how difficult it is to qualify for Boston? Whoa. Those are some beautiful things, my friends.

After all the chatting, we mingled, grooved to DJ Brek One's jams, and continued with the apps, bevs, and picture taking.

And once again, my tribe came to the event to join the festivities. I am SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU LADIES IN MY LIFE. 

As the night concluded, I couldn't help but feel full of happiness. New Balance is not a just an athletic brand. They are truly so much more and I'm not saying that because I work with them so often. I'm saying that because I now know this brand on a personal level and I am telling you that they truly care about the product that they put forth. Not just the physical product but, what "New Balance" stands for... they are loyal to their athletes, their customers, and especially to women. I've seen what these events do - they bring women together. There is so much camaraderie at these events that it makes my heart just about burst with elation. I see women supporting each other, cheering each other on, making new friends, and continuing these active "girl's night outs" on their own time. It's really special and I hope to see you at the next one in October as we focus on breast cancer awareness - a cause very close to my heart. Have an awesome week! xo

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*Photos courtesy of New Balance.