Recovery Smoothie

Hi friends! I'm coming at you today with a really quick smoothie recipe. I started making this earlier in the week and it's too good not to share. Plus, when your workouts are extra tough - this mash-up of ingredients is excellent for recovery. Protein and dark cherries have been proven to aid in muscle recovery. This time of year when everyone is still sticking to their new workout resolutions (right ;)?), this smoothie is the perfect complement to that!


- Whey protein powder (preferably organic/grass fed)
- 1/2-3/4 cup of frozen dark cherries and 1/4 cup of blueberries (antioxidants and anthocyanins)
- 1 scoop of almond butter (biotin, vitamin E, manganese, etc)
- Dash of cinnamon (more antioxidants!)
- Almond milk (try to find a brand without carrageenan - both Whole Foods and Silk offer almond milk without it.)


Blend and serve! Today, I topped it with some paleonola for a little extra crunch.

Enjoy and keep up the good work with those resolutions! xo