Smoothie Bowl Superfood Toppings

If you've been following along on my instagram or snapchat (@funfitflavor) accounts, you know that I have a mild-medium obsession with my daily smoothie bowls. Now that I've found SFH coconut fuel - I feel like my possibilities are endless. These bowls may look like labors of love but actually, they only take about 5 or so minutes to prepare. Yup - that's it! 

The base is always 1 scoop of that sfh protein powder blended with water and frozen fruit (I tend to use mangoes or tropical blends). But, feel free to use whatever you prefer. I do recommend a vanilla or coconut flavor so that the true color of the fruits come out and their flavor is heightened rather than hidden by chocolate. Just my preference though!

The reason I like smoothie bowls more than regular smoothies is because of these delectable superfood toppings. I like to EAT my food, not drink it. The bowl allows me to get all the nutrients I need and also satisfy that crunch/chew craving. Ya feel me?

Last week, Mandy asked me what the heck the toppings are that I put on my bowls so I thought it was the perfect excuse for a blog post.

1. The little red guys are goji berries
2. The cream/black things are hemp seeds
3. Almond butter
4. The brown-black things on the right are cacao nibs
5. Plus, shredded coconut and a dried mango for good measure (coconut has healthy chain fatty acids).

So what are the health benefits of these things, you ask? Well, let me tell you...
1. Goji berries - Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Fiber, Very high in antioxidants (So this is great for skin, immune health, and providing antioxidants to demolish free radicals)
2. Hemp Hearts - High in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids plus GLAs, protein, & fiber (these guys rock) (Great for heart and brain health all while keeping you full and satisfied)
3. Almond butter - Vitamin E, Biotin, Fiber, Magnesium and its ability to lower LDL cholesterol (Great for heart health and high in antioxidants which also helps demolish free radicals)
4. Cacao nibs - Magnesium, iron, polyphenols, B vitamins, protein and fiber (I especially like that these are high in magnesium because this mineral is essential in supporting the nervous system, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth).

See why I love these things so much? Here are a couple of pro-tips . 1) Find a protein powder that you love and that is made with organic or grass-fed whey. Or a vegan powder that is GMO-free. I really like SFH and Vega brands. 2) Measure your toppings - a teaspoon of each goes a long way! 3) Again keep the base to a minimum - Water, 1.5 cups of frozen fruit, and 1 scoop of powder. The flavor is all there - it doesn't need anything else. 4) These superfoods can be pricy so I find that buying them in the bulk section of Whole Foods saves a TON of money.

That about wraps it up - if you have any additional questions on how to make these or for other superfood tips, just leave a comment below. Happy to help, as always!

Have a great weeeeek! xo