Baked Chicken Fingers & "Fries"

Who doesn't like chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce? Classic pub food bringing flavor and happiness to bars since 1971 (just an educated guess, but, I think I'm close to right after a couple google searches).

As previously mentioned... I've been so bored with chicken lately unless it's covered in panko and/or buffalo sauce. Tonight, I decided to take a break from buffalo and give you the classic chicken finger sans fried fats and grease. Sound good? Ok good.

This meal is EASY and QUICK to prepare and I think we all need that desperately this time of year.  And so, I bring you comfort food turned healthy.

Need: Organic Chicken Tenderloins, Panko, Potatoes, 1 egg, Mustard, Organic Mayo, Honey, tbs or so of Herbs de Provence, 1/2 tsp or so of cayenne pepper, salt, rosemary, extra virgin o/o, and asparagus. (measurements listed serve 1 and I don't actually measure - just eyeball - but they are about right :)

First, cut up the potatoes into bite-size cubes, toss with extra virgin o/o, salt, and rosemary and throw in a 425 degree oven.

Second, toss together some panko/herbs de provence/cayenne/salt and set aside. Then, whisk up the egg and dip the chicken tenderloins in it and then in the panko mixture.

Take your time so that the potatoes have about 5-10 minutes to themselves in the oven.  Then...third, flip around the potatoes on the pan and add the chicken and asparagus (tossed with evoo & salt) in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Fourth, Mix up two parts mustard, 1 part mayo, 1 part honey & a pinch of salt to make the honey mustard.

Plate & serve, my friends... plate & servvveeee.

Here's how this meal stacks up besides its overall yumminess (feel free to eat this with organic ketchup in addition or in place of honey mustard - it works!):

Asparagus: Vitamins K, A, B1 & C, folate and has anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
Organic Chicken: Protein, B3, B6, Selenium
Potatoes: C, B6, Potassium,Tryptophan, Fiber

Make it a GREAT Wednesday! Two weeks 'til Christmas fa la la la la!!!!