Weekend Sunshine 7.15.13

I'm back, I'm back! I know fun fit flavor has been on a bit of a hiatus since the 4th.  I took some time off from work and really needed some time to step away from all things electronic and relax.  I went back to work last week and realized that I needed to catch up on a few 'homeowner' chores so I dedicated time to getting everything in order.  Sometimes, we all need to press the reset button.  I came back from vacation feeling completely refreshed. I hope you all have some time to enjoy off this summer. Sometimes local travel and a staycation is exactly the break needed :)

I thought "Weekend Sunshine" would be the best way to revive fun fit flavor out of its lull!


I took this photo in the evening of July 5th.  There isn't a place I feel more free than out on the ocean. Be grateful for our freedom and Independence.

image (62).jpeg

It's not a vacation in New England without a proper lobster roll.

image (61).jpeg

Is it weird that I never get sick of the view of my city from Castle Island during a run? Maybe because the sky is always different.

image (63).jpeg

My bff's since the 6th grade, Rachael & Kim. We went out on Friday night for Kim's first night out since she had Juliet. We had a blast - love these girls more than words... Now, I know what you are thinking... wait, wasn't that two weeks ago? Yes, yes it was. Her secret? (don't worry, I asked) She continued to exercise almost daily and eat healthy throughout her pregnancy. Swear.

image (64).jpeg

Bridesmaid dress shopping in Fall River (Fallll Rivaahhhh) on Saturday for Jenn's wedding!

photo (21).JPG

Here's a good one to start off your week! Remember, sometimes you just need to slow down and pay attention to the little things...


Have a GREAT week! xo