Lately, more than usual, Mondays arrive much too quickly. I don't know where they go, but, I've had house projects piling up for over a month now. So, this weekend, I decided to dedicate Saturday day and night to getting organized. First, I cleaned out everything in my closets. My condo is small but I have pretty good storage space in my hall closets. The problem is that, over time, I tend to continually stack items in them without giving anything a real 'spot'. That issue has been fixed.

Then, I got to re-decorating. My mom and sister have had two big yard sales this month and so I decided to take a few key items that I didn't really want to see go. I've been pinning ideas like crazy, but, haven't implemented anything (sound familiar?).  I picked up two key items. First, my mom's antique sewing table. I couldn't believe she was getting rid of it. She sewed her prom dress, tons of vogue patterns, my first communion dress, and much more on that table. It is old, sturdy, antique, and so vintage. I love it! 

My Waterford wine glasses have been in their little round hatbox home, save for a few key small dinners, since I received them as a gift in 2007. Those pretty little things need to breathe and they are now in the perfect spot next to what I like to call my round "wine table".

See the engraved ruler? I just love the detailing of this table.

The second addition to my living room was my mom's idea. It's my Nana's antique wooden ironing board. At first, I laughed when she texted me a picture of it with wine bottles on it to show "how it could work" in my living room. But, then, once again I started pinning some ideas and thought it would look kind of cool and really different. 

I know... my wine rack is seriously lacking.... I'll get on that...

The little candle stick holders are also antiques that my mom was getting rid of... I think they are so pretty!

This bench was originally where the sewing table now is so I moved it and implemented it as a coffee table. I added these cool Anthropologie coasters that I picked up a while back and cookbooks and I've received as gifts throughout the years.

image (69).jpeg

An extra hour of sleep this morning and I'm finally feeling caught up! I've always said that 'physical clutter is mental clutter'. I have a couple of busy weekends ahead of me and I feel like I can now focus on everything else! Hope you all have a GREAT Sunday! GO PATS! xo