Half Marathon Training

So I'm up to a little over 8 miles for my half marathon training. This week, I NEED to exceed 9 miles and the week after that 10+. Then, it's half marathon time. I like to follow the Hal Higdon training plans.  I followed his plan for the second half marathon I ran in 2010 and I took 2 minutes off my time.  Granted, that time, I was much more physically prepared in that I was in better 'running-shape' although, this time, I am in better 'overall shape' so it should be interesting to see how I end up with this race. (I can't help but be a little competitive with myself, even though this time it's really not about me)

Below is the plan I'm "quasi following". I still box 2 -3 days per week (we sprint in those classes) and am covering 3 or 5 mile runs two other days during the week, and then a long run.

Now, here's my tip of the day when training for any race... take REST days.  The mistake I made when I trained for my first half was... wait for it... running to much.  I barely took any days off and my muscles never got a break to repair and therefore, it slowed me down. Rest. Days. Are. Crucial.   My second tip is to buy a foam roller or 'the stick'... seen here.

Anyone else running the Run to Remember on May 26th?!

Also, if you are interested in donating to my cause... please visit here. And, thank you :)

Have a fantastic week. xo.

half marathon training.jpg