Vacation & Half Marathon

I'm back, I'm back! I feel like I don't know where to begin tonight. I just came back from a week away in Punta Cana with seven of my closest friends. I had planned on writing a 'vacation prep' post before I left, but, admittedly after my Boston posts the week prior, I didn't have any creative juices left in my system to put anything interesting to paper/laptop. Safe to say, I really needed a vacation.  

Here's what I'll tell you about vacation.  So many health and fitness magazines preach about 'ways to stay slim on vacation'. Friends ask me if I work out or eat healthy, etc. etc.

Now, as much as I love a solid health tip... my goal is to RELAX on vacation and that means... doing whatever I damn well please.  Do I work out? Yes, because it makes me feel good in the morning.  Do I eat healthy? Eh, no and yes.  What I can tell you, however, is that I start to crave healthy food a few days in... guess that's just my nature.  My 'health advice' for vacation goers is this... do what makes you feel good... relax, get a massage, drink pina coladas, and have lots of laughs with your friends.  Stress is the cause of countless health problems.  Escape, turn off the news, social media, and your work email... just be happy.  Don't even dare try and follow some strict fitness plan because you want to keep up with your six pack... drink a six pack and park yourself on a lounge chair.  What you'll usually find is... you didn't gain any weight.  And, if you do and you're a healthy person anyway, you'll lose it the first week you get back.  Yup, I said it.


This is how a typical day usually went: Gym with Rachael, Bfast, Shower, Suntan Lotion, Lounge Chair, Pina Colada, Lounge Chair, Mama Juana, Lounge Chair, Book, Swim, Lounge Chair, Swim, Lounge Chair, Cheez Wiz & Tequila (yes, cheez wiz), more Tequila, Shower, Dinner, Drinks, Drinks, Bed.


Now, onto part 2 of this post.  I signed up for a half marathon two days before I left for Punta Cana.  The Boston Run to Remember honors law enforcement officials who have lost their lives in the line of duty. In addition to that, I am raising money for the Alzheimer Association of MA/NH. My full story is here:  I won't repeat myself, so I will just say that I felt physically compelled to sign up for this race and I am so glad I did. I'll post about my progress and running tips over the next few weeks.  (and throw in some sweet pics of the city - below is a tulip garden in the North End)


Have a wonderful evening, friends. xo.