Friday Sunshine... A dedication to Boston.

This week, Friday Sunshine is dedicated to Boston...

To All Runners... your hard work and months of training did not go unrecognized.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Thank you for being inspiring. Thank you for raising money & awareness for your charity. Congratulations on achieving your PR.  Congratulations on reaching a new goal. Thank you for running.

To the first responders and all who ran towards the scene to help... thank you for your bravery and fearlessness.

To all hospitals in Boston, thank you for saving more than 170 lives and being so incredibly prepared.

To local residents who offered your home for warmth, electricity, and water for runners who couldn't find their families or shelter... thank you for your generosity, kindness, and representing this city, so well. 

To New York, Chicago, Philly and our other great sister and brother cities.... thank you for the outpouring of support via sweet caroline, newspaper covers, lit up buildings, taped baseball gloves, and so much more.

To President Obama, Stephen Colbert, Dennis Lehane and many more... thank you for using your words to properly define a Bostonian. Strong, Fearless, and knowing that they messed with the wrong city.

And now I give you, some scenes from this great city...

If you haven't watched this video of the National Anthem at the Bruins game yet... grab a tissue and hit play...

One of the photos I took earlier in the day on Monday... runners and our soldiers... less than a mile from the finish line...


Later that day... on the left... my walk from Back Bay over the Mass Ave bridge into Cambridge where I eventually picked up a cab.  On the right, the view of the city from my run around Castle Island in Southie.


From my run on Thursday night... view from the Harbor walk... Boston Harbor Hotel and a gigantic American flag.


Also from Thursday, view of the harbor and the Old Northern Ave Bridge from the Harborwalk.


And this, <3.


Enjoy your weekend.  Stay strong, my friends. xo