Restaurant Review: Tavern Road

Friday night, I went to Tavern Road in Fort Point channel with Rachael, Rebecca,& Janet. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Boston.

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 The drinks are unreal. They are concocted with fresh ingredients and high quality liquor. My favorite is "Heaven on her lips". Gin, lime juice, strawberry, basil leaf.

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The ambiance is high energy. Their play list is filled with a mix of fan favorite throw backs.  The bar area is wide enough to breathe and enjoy conversations.  The dining area is a perfect rectangle so you never feel like you're away from the fun.

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 The food is amazing. They start you off with a simple roll with honey butter that tastes like heaven on a platter. You must order the fried chickpea bites and the whipped goat's milk feta to kick off the rest of your meal. Actually, just order every 'snack' and 'side'. We did.  You won't regret it.

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I will be back again, very soon. Have a great day! xo