Weekend Sunshine_6.9.13

Trying to find balance in every day life can be difficult... during summer months... it can be even more difficult.  I struggle with trying to cross everything off my to-do list while also spending as much time outdoors, enjoying the warm weather, as possible. I think the key is planning ahead and prioritizing. This week, I crossed a couple big things off my to-do list, but, a few more need to wait until next week and that's ok. I made the most of my weekend and even found some time to relax.  

I cannot, cannot, cannot get enough of this song.  I'm calling it. Song of the summer. Done and done.

Dinner and drinks at Tavern Road with my ladies on Friday night was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Restaurant review coming this week.

image (23).jpeg

Then, Janet and I trekked through the downpour to Whiskey Priest to watch the Bruins WIN IT with Tim & Billy.

image (24).jpeg

Fight night at Peter Welch's was awesome. I am always in awe at the skill and endurance these fighters have. It is so inspiring. {Also, I have some pretty exciting news to share about collaborating with Peter Welch's Gym. Stay tuned :) }

photo (33).JPG

Nothing says "South Shore" like Mary Lou's iced coffee, Cape Cod Chips, &  a Lobster Roll. Happiness on a platter right there.

image (27).jpeg

Finally, I topped off the day at the beach with my cousins, Jenn & Kerri, with a big ole ice cream cone.

{Kerri just got back from backpacking Europe, her blog details every moment, and really makes you want to eat your way through Tuscany, amongst other things, www.kuriouskerri.com}

image (28).jpeg

Make it a great week. xo