Bits & Bites_7.1.14

Happy July! One of my favorite months of the year! The epicenter of summer... I love it! We had a pretty great June, weather-wise, so I hope mama nature keeps her sunny mood through October (yes, October).

So, last week, I managed to tweak my neck doing some pull-ups (I neglected form for a couple to try to get a few more in). Big mistake. I took a couple days off from boxing, re-injured it in my sleep and then went to boxing two days in a row where I really did myself in. Holy Smokes does it hurt - I'm moving like a robot! Let this just serve as a reminder to all that when you're in pain, take a break. That's my soap box for you tonight! I did get a massage today to try and work it out considering I wasn't able to look down at my shoes. It REALLY helped. There's a massage/yoga studio in Legacy Place and the massage therapist knew exactly what to do (I think because she's an athlete). Luckily, I can see my shoes again. Thank goodness.

Moving on... here are some "bits" worth reading tonight...

This article talks about how obesity is now turning into a Global epidemic. Not just in the US.

I've been taking turmeric in capsule form since 2007 after I read a book on brain health. This article reveals so many other reasons it's a fabulous herb.

I like this article because it's always good to get a refresher with spelling... especially with all the emails we write on a daily basis.

And here are my weekly "bites".

Cento tuna on an organic brown rice cake, grapes, kombucha (I felt a cold coming on), skinny pop (for the record - I hate the name "skinny pop" because it makes it sound like it's fat free or low fat or something stupid like that, but, in actuality, it's GMO and sugar free. I don't care that there's only 100 calories, I care that it's GMO free because GMO free popcorn is hard to find! They need to consult with me on a name change. I prefer "pure pop".)

Some not-super-healthy maki that I shared with Rob for an impromptu Wednesday night dinner last week. It was mighty tasty though!

The very necessary post-Billy Joel breakfast consisting of Whole Foods organic pancake mix with blueberries and organic grass-fed butter, nitrate free bacon, and organic scrambled eggs.

A quick salad from last week consisting of my favorite fish sticks (the ones in the middle - Ians - obsessed) I don't know the other brand but that's ok because they aren't as good. Salad consisted or arugla, figs, feta, castevetrano olives, extra virgin o/o.

The guacamole I made for an appetizer before dinner on Saturday night with Rob, Jimmy & Sarah. Ingredients: 3 soft avocados, juice of 2 limes, 5 or 6 jalepenos diced, half a tomato diced, tbs or so of diced red onion, salt, and crushed red pepper to taste.

Monday's salad from Whole Foods: spinach and a dash of the following; chickpeas, edamame, green olives, feta, extra virgin o/o, lemon juice, roasted sweet potato, mushrooms, quinoa, and slivered almonds. Plus, organic raspberries and raw coconut water. (um yeah detox after a weekend of fun in the sun)

Today's lunch: salad with local lettuce, tomatoes, feta, extra virgin and balsamic vinegar. Some pure pop and raspberries.

This morning's smoothie: 2 cups mango, 1 tbs ground flax, 1 tbs chia seeds, 1 tbs almond butter, couple shakes of cinnamon and water to blend!

Time to chat... is anyone making any healthy desserts for the fourth? I'm interested. 

Have a great rest of the week! xo